Madeline's Cellar - Cayden's Cabernet - 2019

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As a way of saying "thank you" to Grady's years of sweat equity partnership at Madeline's, and named after his Son, "Cayden's Cabernet" growing season began with a dense leaf canopy and relatively high grape yields. This gave Grady and legendary Central Coast winemaker Jeff Branco (Justin Winery, Rotta, etc) plenty of creative options due to the phenomenal Paso Robles harvest. A late-flowering season caused the grapes to mature slowly, providing this wine time and space to develop its characteristic deep color, excellent tannin structure, moderate acidity with aromas of blackcurrant, tomato leaf, dark spices, cedarwood and just a hint of vanilla. One of best food pairing for this big, young Californa Cabernet is a well-marbled steak like ribeye--which just so happens to be Cayden's favorite as well. Highly extracted, viscous, high tannin wines, such as this Cabernet, match fantastically with higher fat content meats. With higher tannins, which lends to it's ability to cut through fat, this wine pairs fantastic rich meats and cheeses.